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Headlamp Philosophy

Headlamp Philosophy


Our headlamp philosophy differs from others. Instead of focusing on technology, our core idea is to truly understand the user. We believe that you need to understand how the human body is moving, seeing, breathing, reacting and even sweating. That, in combination with cutting edge technology will create the perfect headlamp.

All our products are designed to be an extension of your own body, and to help you optimize your activity by improving how it deals with weather, darkness, terrain and temperature.

The reason for this is simple. When you are out in the dark, we want your headlamp to follow your every move and to enhance your senses. This will give you a feeling of freedom, and it will improve how your body and mind with external circumstances.

For decades, we have worked with active people and true outdoor enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best when it comes to their equipment, both in terms of technology and comfort. Today we offer a range of headlamps suitable for any activity and any preference.

This guide will help you find your right light, and the perfect companion for your favourite activity.


All of our headlamps are designed to be as slim and nimble as possible, and we want every headlamp to strike the perfect balance between weight, durability and lumen/power for every specific activity.

In order to create a high quality headlamp, we take more aspects than lumen into consideration. Eight others, to be precise.


One crucial part in reaching high comfort is the headband. This should fit well, yet not be too tight. This is why our headbands have thought-through comfort details such as the anti-slip silicone string on the inside, a compact battery and a stability-enhancing plate fitted on the back of your head.


We create multi-mode headlamps that are designed around how the human eye works in darkness. We believe that the best light is not necessarily having much light. Sometimes, you need more light close to your feet. In other situations, a long-reach spotlight is more useful. On several of our lamps you can also choose red, yellow or white light to make the most out of your night vision.


The outside temperature is an important factor for maintaining the battery length. The colder it gets, the less battery capacity you get. Our headlamps come with the SILVA Connection System, which makes it easy to change batteries, and our multi-activity headlamps also include an extension cable to enable you to wear the battery close to your body.


The more light output (Lumen) you want, the more battery power you need to take with you. If you only use your headlamp for shorter runs or activities you can choose a lighter battery. On the other hand, if you want to be out for long runs, or for several days, you should choose a headlamp that enables using extra batteries.


Studies show that a widened field of view is more pleasant for the eye, and therefore the optics in our headlamps are designed to avoid tunnel vision and unpleasantly sharp contrasts. The lamps are also designed to create a fading transition from light to darkness.


Even the terrain will influence your choice of headlamp. If you run mostly on asphalt and on easy trails, you will need less light (lower Lumen) than if you run offroad and on rugged or rough surfaces. Instead, in these conditions you require more light (Lumen) to be able to foresee obstacles along the way.


Different activities and various speed require different types of light or light images. When running, you want most of the light closer to your feet. When biking you need a long spotlight to see what’s ahead of you.


Some of our headlamps are designed for multiple activities. This means you can easily move the headlamp between your headband, your helmet or your bicycle handlebar, and hereby use it for just the type of activity you wish.

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