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Trekking Poles

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Trekking Poles - CarbonTrekking Poles - Carbon
Trekking Poles - Carbon
Regular price R 2,599.95
Trekking Poles - AluminiumTrekking Poles - Aluminium
Trekking Poles - Aluminium
Regular price R 1,349.95


Silva's hiking poles, or trekking poles as they are also called, are ideal for mountain hiking, mountain climbing or forest walks. The hiking poles are foldable and light, which means you can easily carry them in your backpack. The poles are available in both carbon fiber and aluminum, with comfortable and stable handles in cork and soft foam rubber, as well as with adjustable wrist straps for maximum comfort. You can adjust the length of the walking poles yourself up to 140 cm with a simple locking function in aluminium. All hiking poles are supplied with a handy storage bag.

Choose between Trekking Poles Carbon , which are trekking poles in carbon fiber with comfortable cork handles, Trekking Poles Aluminum Cork in aluminum with cork handles, or the aluminum poles Trekking Poles Aluminum with handles in soft foam rubber.


With Silva's flexible and durable hiking poles, you reduce the strain on your joints and knees during longer hiking trips and save energy when you adventure in the woods and mountains.

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