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How to Navigation

How to Navigation


EASY AS 1-2-3

Navigating with a map and a compass is as easy as 1-2-3. But there are a few things to learn before heading out. This SILVA guide is an introduction to navigation and an inspiration to explore more, see more and find out what’s around the corner, behind that mountain or beyond that marked route.

Now let's go!


Place your compass on the map and use the baseline to make a straight line between your current position and your destination. Make sure direction-of-travel arrow points towards your destination.


Turn the compass housing until the red part of the north/south arrow is parallel with the map meridians, and points north on the map. The visual look and colors of different compasses may vary. But north is most likely marked with N.


Lift your compass from the map and hold it horizontally in your hand. Turn yourself and the compass until the red end of the needle is inside the red north/south arrow. Now the direction-of-travel-arrow will point towards your destination. Take a landmark and start moving. Enjoy!

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