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Regardless of whether you run long and leisurely, short and hard, in the city, forest or mountains, you will find the right running backpack at Silva. With running vests in several models and sizes with smart functions, you can quickly reach what you need during your run.

 The perfect running vest is barely felt. You run with full freedom of movement and are not hindered by what you packed with you. If you're going for a short run, you can fit the essentials in the Strive Loop running belt. If you're going to run really far, the Strive Mountain Pack holds everything you need. In between are the Strive Fly vests for fast runs and the Strive 5 and 10 for long runs and shuttle runs.


Running session under 60 minutes
Most of the time you don't need a running vest for shorter trips. Choose the running belt insteadStrive Loopwhich holds mobile phone, keys, windbreaker and energy.

Fast passes and races
Strive Fly Vestwhich weighs only 113 g (XS) with room for energy, liquid and extra clothes.

Running session between 1-3 hours
Choose the running vestStrive 5 Westwith space for energy, liquid and extra clothes.

Long runs over 3 hours or shuttle runs
Choose the running vestStrive 10 Vestwith room for liquid, energy, reinforcement garments and maybe a hat and gloves. The Strive 10 Vest also works great for you as a commuter with a light pack.

One- or multi-day tours or commuting
Choose the Strive Mountain Pack running backpack with either17+3 litersor23+3 ​​literspack volume. It also works well as a backpack for commuting (or cycling) when you want a change of clothes and computer. Choose base layer garments in materials such as merino wool or bamboo, they do not smell and dry quickly.


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Strive Fly Vest Black
Strive Fly Vest Black
Regular price R 1,599.95
Strive Fly Vest Green
Strive Fly Vest Green
Regular price R 1,599.95
Strive Fly Vest Rose
Strive Fly Vest Rose
Regular price R 1,599.95
Strive 5 Vest Black
Strive 5 Vest Black
Regular price R 1,899.95
Strive 5 Vest Green
Strive 5 Vest Green
Regular price R 1,899.95
Strive 10 Vest Black
Strive 10 Vest Black
Regular price R 2,299.95


The Strive Fly Vest is designed for fast races and weighs only 113 gr (size XS). The design is stripped down with easily accessible compartments for liquid and energy. For city runs with hydration stations, you can use the Strive Loop running belt to store your mobile phone and some gel. If you are going to run longer races where you want to bring fluids and extra clothes with you, Strive 5 or Strive 10 are good alternatives. Choose the Strive Mountain Pack running backpack for mountain races where you carry a change of clothes, food and possibly a tent and sleeping bag. The backpack has an ergonomic carrying system that distributes the weight evenly and steadily.

Many races have a list of mandatory equipment that you must bring with you. Make sure to follow it so that you are approved for start.


• Soft water bottles
• Energy gel or bars
• Reinforcement garments
• Possible light headlamp if you are going to run long distances
• Possible map and compass if you are going to run off-road
• Telephone, whistle, emergency blanket and first aid

Always check the checklist for the race you are going to run!


Soft Flask - 500ml
Soft Flask - 500ml
Regular price R 329.95
Hydration Resevoir V 1l
Regular price R 899.95
Strive Quiver
Strive Quiver
Regular price R 799.95
Soft flask 240ml
Regular price R 249.95


Make your run an adventure and prepare for all the fun that lies ahead by planning ahead for the perfect route and the conditions you need to be aware of. Good preparation gives you a better idea of ​​what to pack. The Strive Mountain Pack has a generous packing space and the Silva Embrace System ensures a good fit regardless of pack volume. The running backpack will hug your body and have a tight fit so you can run smoothly.

The trick when planning a long run is to pack reasonably. You don't want to run with more weight than necessary. At the same time, that little bag of candy, a deodorant, or a little book with crosswords can be just what keeps you motivated to keep going when the run feels tough.

If you run between mountain huts, there may be fresh water to wash your underwear by hand. Otherwise, you can wash what you need in a nearby lake or river. Choose base layer garments in materials such as merino wool or bamboo, they do not smell and dry quickly.

Pack base layers, headbands or a thin hat and also gloves. Although the days can be warm thanks to the sun, the evenings often get chilly when the sun goes down. And remember, don't forget the headlamp. Make sure to fully charge it!

Another important thing is to pack a pair of thin and light slippers or sandals. Your feet will be grateful to walk around in something other than your running shoes after a day of many miles on any surface. Also, be sure to bring sunscreen, mosquito spray, and other things that will make your adventure more pleasant.


• Quick drying shorts, tights and thin t-shirt for running
• Underwear including socks, bring half based on total number of days so you can wash them every other day
• Cap for the sun and headband/bonnet or mittens for chilly evenings
• Reinforcement top and bottom for rainy days
• Mid-layer for chilly days and evenings
• Base layer
• Sun cream and mosquito spray
• Thin, light sandals for all hours of the day when you're not running
• Something to give you energy and inspiration when you need it most
• Headlamp
• Map and compass
• Soft water bottles that don't take up any space
• Energy
• Whistle, first aid, rescue blanket and power bank for your phone
• Possible sleeping bag, tent, and what you need for adequate meals

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